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Up and At 'Em 12,000 Step Challenge

A Journey of 12,000 Steps, Starts With One

🧡   Have you found yourself gaining some girth around your middle since menopause?

🧡   Do you find yourself sitting more often than anything else?

🧡   Would you like to improve your fitness, but dread the thought of going to a gym?

I've got a simple solution just for you, with a challenge to get you up off the couch and in to a new daily habit of low-intensity, frequent movement. As my mom would say, it's time to get Up and At 'Em!

There are enormous health benefits to be gained just from getting up regularly throughout the day to move your body, including enhanced fat metabolism, cardiovascular function, brain development, stress management, and general health and longevity. A little movement gets the blood flowing, dusts the cobwebs away and leaves you focused with a boost of creative energy.

Despite what the fitness industry has lead you to believe, you don't need to get dressed up in your workout wear, hit the gym nor even work up a sweat to reap the benefits of movement. It's not about burning off calories consumed, but rather just breaking from our sedentary habits and using our muscles in different ways.

This is a 12,000 Step Challenge and your goal is to keep your streak going for 3 Days (Bronze), 6 Days (Silver) or 10 Days (Gold). If you break your streak you have to start over, and you can do so as often as you need. By the time you've reached your Gold, you will have formed a wonderful healthy habit of activity and you'll be delighted to use this spring of energy for all those dream adventures in your Second Half of Life.

This won't be the drudgery of doing laps around the track! We're going to play and have fun as we reminisce over some of our favorite things from the past. So grab you favorite gal-pals and sign up together! It will give you a great excuse to hang out, go places and have a good time.

This challenge was designed for women like us, over 50 or as I call us, the Second Half Sisters. Feel free to invite your husband or kids to try and keep up with you. You can print off an extra sheet for them to track their progress, but signing up is just for us ladies.

As a special thank you for giving this challenge a try, all signed up participants will be given a discount promo code for savings off the regular priced Kickstart 28 Day Challenge and the 90 Day Results Program. You won't get these codes anywhere else!

I'm Coach Cherie Ó and I work with women just like you, using eating, movement and lifestyle changes to bring out that super-woman inside. You may not be able to leap tall buildings, but you will feel body confident in your super, sexy bad-ass self to take on whatever comes your way, even if its just enjoying life to the fullest in your Second Half. 🧡

🌀  🧡  🌀

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