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Kickstart Results 28 Day Challenge

The goal of my “Results” programs is to get your body back to what I call it’s “factory preset condition” so that it can function properly as it was designed to do.

That’s when you can sleep good, your immune system is strong, the digestive process works, ailments heal themselves and weight loss resumes.

In just 28 days, by unlearning and then relearning health concepts in regards to food, movement, circadian rhythm and lifestyle, you can begin to see improvements and changes. Some faster than others.

It took quite a long time to gain weight and lose health, so this weight loss/health gain journey will take some time, too. These first 28 days are crucial, as you convert from a “sugar burner” back to a “fat burner.” Your body should catch on quickly but it doesn’t always go smoothly.

That’s why support and access to answers is so important. I’ve got you covered.

This special Kickstart 28 Day Challenge includes some additional bonuses:

🌀  An Exercise Program in the MemberVault library that you can go directly to, and select an activity for the day.

🌀  Weekly email check-in consults with Coach Cherie Ó.

🌀  10% off all private future coaching sessions.

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37 Modules

Bonus Fitness Hub β‡’ Increased Daily Movement

Hello and welcome to our new Bonus Fitness Hub!

Pull this up on your iPad or use AirPlay to put it up on the big screen, but you'll have an assortment of workouts to choose from for whatever you need on a particular day.

The 7 day cycle that works best for women over 50 looks like this:

Day 1 - PEM (Strength Exercises)

Day 2 - Moderate Duration

Day 3 - Rest

Day 4 - PEM (Strength Exercises)

Day 5 - Moderate Duration

Day 6 - Sprint or HIIT

Day 7 - Extended Duration (long walks, hikes, cycling)

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Modules for this product 37
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